Mr Masey

Ice Tempered Scissors


Beard and Moustache Scissors - Professional Grade

Stylish super-sharp stainless steel scissors to trimming the 'tache and beard. Our beard and moustache scissors are matt black and ice tempered for prolonged sharpness. But what does ice tempered scissors mean? Stainless steel is regular steel with chromium added to make the steel more rust resistant, thus "stainless" steel. The disadvantage of the high content of chromium in stainless steel in scissors is that the cutting edges dull quicker. To overcome this, the steel is subjected to very low temperatures (frozen or "ice tempered"), to optimise the steel structure for hardness. Meaning sharper blades for longer!

Our beard and moustache trimming scissors feature a finger rest for your comfort and precision plus they are nicely balanced in the hand - a must for shaping moustaches and trimming errant hairs from your beard or moustache. 4.5 inch scissors.

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