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Our traditional shaving kit includes handmade shave oil, post-shave balm and shaving soap. Like all Mr Masey’s products these are handmade in small batches from plant-based, vegan, cruelty free ingredients, using therapeutic grade essential oils. 

We’ve created our own range of traditional shaving kit, working with a small, family run business that fits with our high ethical standards. The ever popular traditional double edge safety razors and shavettes, we encourage you to ditch the disposables in favour of a longer lasting razor. 

Our best selling traditional stainless steel safety razor has an engine turned handle which helps you to keep a grip even with wet hands. With three other designs to choose from you are bound to find the right fit for you. If you may prefer a closer shave try our wooden handled shavette razor, which is the modern day alternative to a traditional cut throat. With an array of shaving accessories from our famous Not-Badger Shaving Brushes and Shaving Soap Dishes, to our large range of Shave Stands available for your razors and brushes.


*Please enjoy 15% off all our awesome shaving equipment and colognes until the end of the month. It includes all our shaving equipment, shaving soap and shaving oil, post-shave balm and cologne. The discount is automatic at the checkout so just add items to cart. It doesn't include subscriptions, shaving kits or sample sizes. 

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