Established in 2014, Mr Masey has been handcrafting a collection of superior quality beard and moustache care products, and sustainable shaving kit. A luxury range of men’s grooming products handmade in Brighton, UK for the discerning gentleman.

It is the strongly held belief of Mr Masey that it is fundamentally wrong to test products on, or to exploit animals in the making of such products. With this in mind, each product is completely vegan, plant based and cruelty free (safety tested without the use of animals). Made with the highest quality therapeutic grade ingredients.

Here’s how it all happened

In 2014 Mr Masey had a short beard and a long ‘tache. Like most men, he didn’t much like getting his ‘tache in his food, especially when eating the odd sandwich or two. There were some great moustache waxes out there but all of them used beeswax and some came with some very odd scents, so Mr masey took it upon himself to make his own.

Having tried and tested many products and also having spent many hours researching moustache wax formulas, Mr Masey found and old ingredient which hit the spot; it was firm enough to hold, but it didn’t come from bees. Pine Resin was the essential ingredient and along with Carnauba Wax it was the very essence of the formula. Initially the pine resin and wax were sourced from Brasil until Mr Masey discovered, some months later, that the industry there was very exploitative to both the environment and of workers.

So the search was on for a new supplier who was to be found much nearer to home. For almost 200 years the main exporter of pine resin and carnauba wax was Portugal. There were tens and tens of farms producing the products and exporting them all around the world until the market changed and Brasil became the number one exporter. However, Mr Masey managed to track down the last remaining producer in Portugal, where the business is still family run in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

In September 2014 Mr Masey had made a few tins of waxes and along with some beard oil and some shaving oil he went off to market. Selling six products on his first day he realised that there was a demand for what he had made and one local shop asked if he would supply products for them. Leap forward a few years and the company now employs five people and produces 13,000 products each year and we are growing fast!

 Just one tree

We support Just One Tree, a not-for-profit company that works with businesses, schools and individuals to plant trees in an effort to combat global warming. 

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