These superior quality products have been handmade in Brighton using wonderful ingredients which haven't been dropped into the eyes of kitties.

Beard and shaving oils

The Brilliant Beard Oil and Spiffing Shave Oil each contain Grapeseed, Vitamin E and Lime oils. The Beard Oil has the addition of Mandarin oil to add that citrus fragrance to your fizzogg. The Shave Oil has a different blend of Grapeseed and extra Vitamin E oils to help your blade glide over your skin. It also contains Cedarwood oil to give a freshly logged tree smell about your face. All plant based ingredients, no nasties, just the best oils and a lot of love.

Moustache wax

The Magnificent Moustache Wax has a blend of Pine Resin and Carnauba wax to give it the stiffness your spiffing 'tache deserves. It also contains Cedarwood, Mandarin and Lime so it can be used in conjunction with the Beard and Shave Oils without you smelling like the perfume counter.

Beard shampoo & conditioner.

These are both high end, salon quality products. The superior quality ingredients have been sourced and blended to create a formula especially for beards - rich in essential oils and containing no nasty SLS (foaming ingredient), your beard will wash to a squeaky clean standard, your skin will feel wonderful and your bristles will be shiny and glossy after regular use.

Contains only love.

It is the strongly held belief of Mr Masey that it is fundamentally wrong to test products on animals, or to exploit animals in making such products. With this is mind each product is vegan and cruelty free. Carnauba Wax is used instead of Beeswax because Beeswax is for bees and they are having a pretty bad time of it themselves without us taking stuff away from them.

The oil ingredients, glassware and tins are sourced locally to Brighton, the pine resin and wax come from farther afield. Packaging is kept to a minimum and we use the best and the strongest shipping cartons to post your order to you.

 Just One Tree

We support Just One Tree, a not-for-profit company that works with businesses, schools and individuals to plant trees in an effort to combat global warming. 

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