Welcome to Mr Masey’s Emporium of Moustaches! 

It all started with a wax. In 2014 Mr Masey wanted to use a strong moustache wax that did not contain beeswax, which had both a firm hold and a great scent. However, there were none to be found so he made a moustache wax himself! Say Hello to Mr Masey’s Magnificent Beard and Moustache Wax.

Since then we have sold thousands of little tins of tache wax, loved by our customers because the wax produces a great hold and wonderful scent (they smell of mandarin!). Along with our range of Tache Twizzling styling and trimming kit, moustache combs, moustache trimming scissors plus an awesome collection of shaving kit to keep the face fluff from unwanted areas.

We use pine resin as the main ingredient, NOT BEESWAX, to give just the right hold. Unlike beeswax, it doesn't melt in the sun which means your 'tache will remain in place all day long. Pine Resin and Carnauba Wax is used instead of Beeswax because Beeswax is for bees, and let’s face it they are having a pretty bad time of it themselves without us taking stuff away from them for our Moustaches.

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