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Subscription Shaving Box - Shavette + Blades with Shaving Oil


Our Subscription Shave Box has all the essential for a great shave and a must-have for those who are considerate of the environment.

Our initial subscription shaving box includes a Shavette which is a new spin on a cut throat razor, it takes a single edge razor and it is ideal at getting into those nooks and crannies of your face.

We include a bottle of our handmade Shaving Oil, which is made using Cedarwood and Lime essential oils which will help prevent razor burn.

The Subscription Shave Box 1 comes with 8 blades. If you shave daily you should get through a blade per week, our shaving oil will last 8 weeks approximately. We then provide you Shaving Oil and Blades on a bi-monthly basis. So every other month you'll get 8 blades and shaving oil delivered right to your door! 

So DITCH THOSE DISPOSABLES and get long lasting traditional shaving kit.

All our products are handmade in small batches, made with plant-based, cruelty free ingredients, as it should be. All our products are suitable for Vegans.

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