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Shavette Blades with Shaving Soap - Shave Club


Our Subscription Shave Box has all the essential for a great shave and a must-have for those who are considerate of the environment.

Our initial subscription shaving box includes a Shavette Razor, Blades and Shaving Soap. 

We include one of our delicious handmade white grapefruit Shaving Soaps. This luxurious shaving soap produces a hydrating lather which is ideal for all skin types. Both Soap and Oil should last two months assuming you shave most days.

The Subscription Shave Box 1 comes with eight blades. If you shave daily you should get through a blade per week. We then provide you with Shaving Soap and Blades on a bi-monthly basis. So every other month you'll get 8 blades and y shaving soap delivered right to your door! 

So DITCH THOSE DISPOSABLES and get long lasting traditional shaving kit.

All our products are handmade in small batches, made with plant-based, cruelty free ingredients, as it should be. All our products are suitable for Vegans.

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