Mr Masey

Ultimate Shaving Kit



The Ultimate Shaving Kit, is the perfect gift and everything you might need for a perfect shave and beard shaping. This kit comprises traditional stainless steel shave stand, double edged safety razor, razor blades and our non-Badger 100% vegan traditional shaving brush. Plus you'll receive our our handmade grapefruit and myrrh shaving soap complete with stainless steel shaving dish, add to that our luxurious post-shave balm and you're ready for a bumper saving experience.

Choose from our styles of traditional razor (including the butterfly which opens up by the twist of the handle) or a single blade shavette (like a cut throat). Great value and great for the environment. 

So DITCH THOSE DISPOSABLES and get long lasting traditional shaving kit.

All our products are handmade in small batches, made with plant-based, cruelty free ingredients, as it should be. All our products are suitable for Vegans.

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