Our Commitment to Change and Plastic Pollution

For a number of years now we have been promoting the reduction of plastic usage and we started by making a very small step.

In 2017 we replaced the plastic lids of our balm jars for aluminium lids, a decision that took some time to come to because the manufacture of both these commodities is harmful to the environment. However, aluminium has the edge because it is more readily recycled across the globe than plastic is and it takes about 80 years to decompose if not recycled, whereas plastics can take 450 years.

Mr Masey's Beard Balm open, in glass and aluminium recyclable packaging
Back in the day all our bottles were made from glass. However, there was an argument for replacing the bathroom products (like shampoo and conditioner) with plastic, for safety reasons, so we swapped to plastic in 2016. As we had heard of no incidents from our customers of smashed bottles and because there is no legislation around glass products in bathroom, so we made the decision in 2017 to only use glass bottles for our entire range. Doorstep recycling means that glass can readily be recycled in the UK and most countries we ship to. We are currently sourcing a glass bottle for our shower gel, which is the only plastic container we use currently.

Mr Masey's beard range Mr Masey's range in environmentally friendly packaging

We have been selling traditional shaving hardware since 2015 and in 2018 we really pushed the environmental benefits of using traditional razors. In ditching the disposables and turning instead to a traditional razor you'll not only get a safe, excellent, close shave but you will be helping to rid the oceans of millions of particles of plastic which causes so much death and destruction. It's a very cost effective way to shave too.

Traditional shaving kit non-disposable
We re-use every piece of packing we receive into the business as packing for our orders leaving our workshop and we use corrugated cardboard from a sustainable source to protect our bottles in transit. When we make our batches of beard oil, we put them into the plastic containers the grapeseed oil comes in and we pay for specialist recycling of any plastics we can't use.

We still have some way to go to make our business as environmentally sound as possible, but we have come a long way in doing this since we started out in 2014.

Small steps can make big changes and we're committed to continue to make changes for the benefit of the planet.